PROBARRIER Nature against Mosh and Moah

Mineral Oil Repellent Paper for packages

Mineral oil components in foods are undesirable and harmful. It has been proven that saturated mineral oils (MOSH) accumulate in the human body. Aromatic mineral oils (MOAH) are considered carcinogenic.

The paperboard packaging made from waste paper is a relevant source of mineral oil contamination in food. These recycled fibres contain, for example, mineral oils from newsprint inks. These oils evaporate, penetrate conventional paper, cardboard and some plastics, and accumulate in food. Sources are therefore both the primary packaging made from recycled solid board and transport packaging made from corrugated board.

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE has developed a packaging paper that keeps the advantages of current paper packaging materials and additionally provides an effective barrier against mineral oil migration. A barrier layer of natural, vegetable and mineral components prevents gaseous mineral oil constituents from passing into the interior of the package. The advantages paper has, the natural feel, the unrestricted recyclability, compostability and a good cost-benefit ratio, remain.

PROBARRIER Nature Mineral Oil Repellent Papers can be processed by conventional methods into bags or as inner liners for cartons.


PROBARRIER Nature  ... naturally well packed.

Applications PROBARRIER Mineral Oil Repellent paper

Mineral Oil Repellent paper for Packaging
• Primary packaging for direct food contact („bag in box“-concepts)
• Secondary packaging (laminated transport packaging)

Mineral Oil Repellent paper for  filling materials with a long shelf life    
• pasta, rice, semolina, corn, cereals
• sugar, flour
• chocolate
• frozen foods


Mineral Oil Repellent paper as
• portion bags
• inner liner
• top-/ bottom-liner

Productinformation PROBARRIER Mineraloil Repellent Paper

Mineral Oil Repellent Paper and their attitudes

• barrier against mineral oil constituents
• grease resistance
• 100 % fluorochemical-free
• composed of renewable raw materials, without a plastic coating
• suitable for lining and lamination
• excellent running and processing properties in the manufacturing process of our customers
• recyclable
• biodegradable
• compostable

• natural surface feel
• free of optical brighteners
• high strength properties
• heat resistant up to 220 °C (available on request)
• tasteless and odourless
• pH-neutral / non-aging
• manufactured from virgin fibres

Technical specifications

Reel, sheets and weight

• substances: 38 – 120 g/m²
• reel widths: 16 cm to 225 cm
• reel diameter: 60 cm to 145 cm
• cores: 70, 76, 100, 120, 150 mm
• sheets: on request

Individual – PROBARRIER Nature Mineral Oil Repellent Paper

Specially tailored solutions for your requirements and applications
• specific substances
• special surfaces
• security features for brand protection
• one-side treatment available on request


• MOSH/MOAH barrier in accordance with DIN EN 14338 and the last draft of the German Regulation of mineral oils

  (4th draft of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture from 07/03/2017).

  Limit value: max. transition of 0,5mg/kg MOAH onto food confirmed by the renowned institutions
  - PTS Papiertechnische Stiftung, Germany
  - FABES Forschungs-GmbH, Germany

• suitable for the direct food contact according to
  - BfR 36, 36/2
  - FDA
• compostable and biodegradable according to DIN EN 13432
• recyclable
• 100 % fluorochemical-free
• ISO 9001, 14001
• FSC® / PEFC available on request

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